Gold Buyers in New York

Attention Gold Buyers in New York:

The prices of gold have been reaching record breaking levels over the past few years. Now is the perfect time to visit gold buyers in New York and get the best market prices for any type of gold jewelry. The age of the gold piece of jewelry will not make much of a difference in the amount of money that gold buyers of New York are willing to pay. It only takes a few minutes to test gold jewelry for authenticity by doing simple scratch and chemical tests. Certified gold buyers in New York have the skills to accurately test gold jewelry and offer the appropriate prices to customers who are willing to sell. After testing the gold jewelry, gold buyers in New York offer cash on the spot without any other questions being asked. The final buying price of gold is often negotiable. Anyone who needs instant cash can get a good deal of money from selling a few ounces of estate jewelry or personal collections of jewelry.

Gold necklaces, chains, rings, wedding bands, and earrings can be sold for immediate cash at shops that buy gold. Gold coins are also popular items that can be sold. The only factors that influence the price of gold jewelry are the weight and karat rating. For example, an ounce of 18K gold can be sold for much more than an ounce of 10K gold. Gold buyers in New York offer an instant evaluation of the gold purity of different jewelry pieces.

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