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Diamond District New York

Anyone who is looking for the best deals on buying or selling jewelry is guaranteed to find them in the Diamond District of New York. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this district is the ultimate destinations for buying jewelry made from precious metals and stones. Gold, silver and platinum jewelry is available in abundance at the more

To Sell Silver in New York Visit DA Buyers

A Visit to New York to Sell Silver With all the talk about the records the price of gold has reached in recent years, silver has become somewhat overlooked. This is a shame because silver has also been selling at great prices. Granted, the price of silver is far, far less per ounce than gold. Yet, if the price of silver is increasing, you may find.

Sell Silver in NY

Sell Silver in NY Sell Silver in New York! Sell your silver jewelry in New York fast and easy for cash! We will gladly buy your silver – be it old silver coins, silverware, jewelry, trophies, medals or old, faded, dirty candlesticks We are interested buyers who are ready to pay on the spot for any silver product whether a.