Sell Watches for a Profit

Sell watches and earn more money than you ever thought was possible. You may have watches that were handed down to you from older relatives, given jewelry as a gift or simply have watches that you no longer wear. If it’s a good brand and you want to earn cash, then we will happily buy your watches. We buy watches – it’s what we do. With over two decades of experience as a buyer, we will ensure you are offered the highest value possible.

Sell Watches Today

If you’re ready to sell watches, we’re ready to buy watches. When you visit our location, you can sell your watch within minutes of walking in. We will appraise your watch, make an offer and then if you choose to sell it to us, we will turn around and pay you cash. Our goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible so we don’t waste your time.
You can earn quite a bit of money for your watches. When you need cash right away, you can sell watches to us and we’ll buy them from you. We want to make sure you get the most amount of money possible, which is why we encourage you to bring them to us instead of anywhere else in town. Since we have the experience, we can identify the year and model to give you the best estimate for what you bring us.

We Buy Watches for Cash

We buy watches of the top brands. More importantly, we will pay you cash – which is what you really want. There are a lot of watches buyers in the state that will give you a store credit. It’s hard to pay down debt with a store credit. Others will write you a check. If you don’t have a regular checking account, getting a check may mean that you have to go and cash it somewhere – and pay a fee to do so. We don’t believe in inconveniences like this, which is why we make it simple and pay in cash.
When you want to sell watches to us, we are interested in buying. We’re looking for all of the best brands including Piaget, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Rolex, Bulgari and many others. From leather bands to stainless steel bands and even diamond bracelets, we would like to see what you have so that we can make an offer on it. If it’s not currently running, bring it in anyways – we have technicians that can fix just about anything.

Visit Watches Buyers in NY

At DA Gold Buyers, we are watch buyers in the Midtown of Manhattan. Our NYC location is frequented by people from all over the state. We routinely have clients coming in from Long Island, Queens. Staten Island, Yonkers, upstate New York, western New York and even across the river in New Jersey and Connecticut. Why do people make the trip? Because we pay top dollar like no one else can!
When you make the drive to visit us (or take the train, the subway, the bus or any other method of transportation), we will reward you with paying cash for your watches. If you have a watch that you’re not sure of, contact us today and we’ll let you know if it’s worth your time to bring it into us or not. You deserve to be treated right and we are customer service professionals who know all about treating customers the way they out to be treated.