The Sad Discovery of a Fake when You Opt to Sell Diamonds in NY

Before you sell diamonds in NY, you should determine whether or not they are real. This may sound like an outright absurd assessment to some as they will be quick to point out all the jewelry they own is real. Are you so sure about that? A lot of customers will try and sell diamonds in NY only to discover the items they thought were real are actually cosmetic jewelry. Sad as it is to say, the truth is a lot of costume jewelry is sold or given as a gift to people that think it is real.

Spotting fake jewelry can sometime be easy and sometimes it can be very difficult. A simple test of putting a magnet next to a gold item to determine if it has a high metal content will be quickly revealing if the magnet immediately sticks to it. Fake diamonds might be a lot harder to determine when you do not have a trained eye.

Likely, the best advice that could be given would be to simply walk into the venue in which you want to sell diamonds in NY and let the person examine it. If the gold or diamonds turn out to be fake, the buyer will tell you this fact and then decline on making a buy.

At this point, you simply would have to accept reality as it is. Do not get angry or belligerent with the buyer. It is not his or her fault. Just chalk the whole event up to being one of life’s disappointments.

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