Make Money When You Sell Gold, Sell Watches

When you’re looking to sell gold, sell watches or sell diamonds, it’s important that you find a reputable dealer that will pay you cash. In NYC, we have become the trusted buyer that people turn to over and over again. We get people driving in from New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas just to take advantage of our great offers.


Sell Gold for Cash

Sell gold and get cash. It’s a simple premise and we’ve mastered itso that you have a trusted source to bring your gold. Whether it’s white gold or yellow gold, 10 karat gold or 24 karat gold or even broken gold, we’ll buy it. We are always looking for gold and we pay top dollar for it.
The price of gold is constantly changing. The prices for gold are higher than ever, so now is the perfect time to sell in NYC. We never hide the going rate. Whatever it is, we pay that amount. We weigh the gold and then pay you out in cash – regardless of the condition of the gold. We focus on the weight and the karat and then give you what you are owed. It’s that simple!


Sell Watches for Cash

Sell watches for cash with us, too. At Honest Jewelry Buyers, you can turn all of your old watches and the watches you never wear anymore in to us for cold, hard cash. The moment you step inside, we will evaluate your watch based on the brand and how old it is. We will then give you a great price for it. Best of all, you can be paid in cash within minutes so there’s no waiting.
Whether it’s a Rolex, a Tag Heuer, a Cartier or some other top brand, we are interested in buying the. Bring them into us and let us have a look. We’ll appraise it and make an offer on the watch on the spot. If you decide to sell watches to us, we’ll pay you in cash so you can pay off debt, go on a vacation or sock it away for a rainy day.


Sell Diamonds for Cash

Learn to sell diamonds for cash, too. You may have diamonds from an engagement ring or loose diamonds that were given to you as a gift. Regardless of how the diamonds are set, we will evaluate them based upon the 4 Cs and then offer you the highest price possible for them. We will handle your diamonds with the care they deserve. We’re not just any diamond buyer. Throughout New York, we are regarded as the best place to sell. With over 20 years of experience, we can determine cut, color, carat weight and clarity quickly and accurately to ensure you are paid the most money possible. You won’t find a better deal than what we have to offer – which is why so many people come to us.
Honest Jewelry Buyers is conveniently located on West 47th Street in Midtown. We have a prime location that serves hundreds of people on a daily basis. If you want a good deal and you don’t want to accept anything less than the best, stop in with your gold, watches or diamonds today. You will quickly see why so many people make the drive to visit us as opposed to settling for someone else.