Sell Jewelry NYC for CASH

Sell Jewelry for Cash

You can sell your jewelry NYC and leave us with cash. When you bring all of your jewelry, we are always willing to pay you cash in the amount you deserve. You do not have to accept a check or sell your jewelry NYC for a store credit, as many other buyers of jewelry in the city may offer you. When you need cash, you need just cash whether to shop, pay rent, or do something else. It is not a store credit or any similar equivalent you are seeking to get when you sell your jewelry nyc piece! If you want cash, then this is what you should get – and luckily for you, this is what we pay! We understand that your jewelry, in all probability, have some sentimental value for you, and we treat your feelings with the uttermost respect and understanding so that parting with your treasured piece would be less painful. We will never offend you with our understated offer. In some cases, we are willing to pay up to 98% of the product’s cost. So if you have diamond earrings, sapphire and ruby rings or Rolex watches, which you want to sell, bring them to us, and you will get cash instantly. You can choose to sell a single item of your jewelry or a complete set. It does not matter to us – all what matters is your jewelry’s value which we are willing to pay cash for!