Selling Gold NYC

Are you looking to sell gold in NYC? It is important to find a place where you will be given the money that you deserve, without you ever having to worry about being cheated upon. There is a set market price for gold, and with us you will always know the current value of the gold items you seek to sell. Unlike us, many gold buyers are not volunteering this information to their clients. Therefore, many customers from all boroughs of NYC and tri-state area are willing to travel the extra mile in order to sell their gold to us.

Sell your gold today! We buy gold all the time, so if you have gold to you wish to sell; all you have to do is come in and sell it to us. We will consider the carat weight and then the weight of each gold piece separately to determine how much to pay you. If you want to be sure that you will be paid an attractive amount, sell your gold nyc to us and you will not have to worry about being compromised or cheated upon. What gold do you have? If this is the actual gold, not a gold plated piece, we are ready to buy it. We buy broken chains, gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars, and anything else made of gold. We do not care about the color of gold and carat weight. We will buy 10-karat gold as fast as 24-karat gold. The only difference is in value which is based on the current market price when you sell your gold to us.

Gold buyers should pay cash for the gold; however, not many do so. Unlike other gold buyers, we always pay our customers cash! We will never offer you to write a check or exchange your gold items for a store credit. When you walk into our shop in Diamond District in New York City, we will give you a quick estimate of what your gold’s value is and pay you within minutes. You will never have to waste your time! That is why many customers come to our place instead of trying their luck anywhere else.

However, do remember that gold prices fluctuate daily. What you were offered for your gold last week, this offer may not hold true today. We pay based on the current selling gold nyc market price. It can be higher or lower from week to week. We are unable to tell you what the market price of selling gold nyc will be tomorrow, but the current one. We can guarantee that for your gold you will get paid the price which is current on the market without any additional fees.

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