Sell Gold Quickly with Gold Buyers

Are you looking to sell gold? It’s important to find a place that will pay you the money you deserve so you don’t walk away feeling cheated. There’s a set price for gold and A. Gold Buyers will always show you the amount so you know exactly what the current value is. This is not the norm for gold buyers, which is why so many people make the drive to visit us.

Sell Gold Today

Sell gold today! We are always buying gold, so all you have to do is come in and sell it to us. We’ll determine the karat weight and then weigh each type of gold separately so we know how to pay you. When you want to ensure you get paid top dollar, you bring the gold to us so you never have to worry about feeling cheated.
What kind of gold do you have? As long as it’s actual gold and not gold plated (there is a difference), then we want to buy it. We buy broken chains, gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars and anything else that you have made from gold. We don’t care about the color of the gold or the karat weight. We will buy 10 karat gold just as fast as well will buy 24 karat gold. The only difference is the value based upon the current gold market when you bring it in to us.

We Buy Gold for Cash

Gold buyers should pay you in cash, though not all do. We are gold buyers in NYC that pay you in cash each time you come in. We’ll never write you a check or pay you with store credit like others in town will. Part of the reason you may want to sell gold is to earn cash, so that’s exactly what we will give you.
When you walk into our store on West 47th Street, we will give you a quick evaluation of what your gold is worth and pay you within minutes. You never have to waste your time, which is why so many people come to visit us instead of taking it anywhere else.
Remember that gold fluctuates daily. What you got paid for your gold last week may not be what you make this week. We pay based upon the market and nothing else. It may be higher, it may be lower. We can’t tell you what it will be until that hour. What we can promise you is that we will give you the amount that it is worth and we will never take a fee from it.

Visit Gold Buyers in New York

Whether you live in NYC, Long Island, upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey or somewhere else, you will want to sell gold to us. We are conveniently located in the heart of Midtown in NYC. If you are unable to reach us in person, we also have a mail in program that you can take advantage of. This means you can literally sell gold to us from anywhere in the world. As gold buyers, we buy gold. It’s what we do. While we have a convenient location in NYC, we are focused on making it as easy as possible for you to sell the gold so you can get the cash you want.
Working with us is worth it – even if it is a drive that you would rather not make. We’ll get you in and out fast because we know your time is valuable. Within minutes, we can appraise the gold you have, make an offer and pay you cash.