We Buy Watches in New York of Quality

We are always in the market for quality watches. When you have a watch that you know is extraordinary, we would love the opportunity to appraise it and make an offer on it. Whether it’s a piece that’s been handed down to you through the generations or it simply holds too many painful memories for you to keep it in your possession, we will ensure you get the money you deserve for it – and tread softly around your emotions.

We Buy Watches New York of Quality

Quality is a tough word to define because everyone has a different view of what quality is, especially when it comes to watches. We know that our definition of quality may be very different from your definition. This is why we invite everyone to sell watches ny with an inquiry of the make of watch before bringing it into us. If we don’t list the brand of watch that you have directly on our website, we may or may not be looking to buy it. If you don’t want to waste a trip down to our location in NYC, it’s best to call or email us first.
Quality varies from model to model as well. Some watches have diamond pave on the dial of the watch, others have alligator skin on the wristband and others have emeralds on the face of the watch. All of these can contribute to quality. However, if any of these are missing from the watch, it may reduce the quality and thus the price that we offer you – if we decide to offer you anything for the watch.

We Buy Watches New York of Many Brands

When we buy watches New York, there are many brands we buy. Within each brand, there may be dozens of models that span the years. Typically we will buy all models from within a certain brand, including both men’s and women’s watches. This includes the top brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Tiffany & Co., Cartier – pretty much every luxury brand that you can think of.
We deal in luxury watches. Therefore we buy watches New York on a regular basis. There are rarely instances where we don’t buy a watch from someone. Usually if we decline a purchase, it is because we suspect it is a fake or the condition is too poor or the registration numbers on the back have been scratched out.
There’s only one way to find out if we buy watches New York from you or not. Bring the watch down to us and let one of our professionals appraise it. Regardless of whether we buy it or not, we’ll tell you what you need to know about it to educate yourself. Then you decide whether or not to take our offer or if you want to take it elsewhere.

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